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Online banking

We’re pretty sure this whole “Internet” thing isn’t going away anytime soon, so we got on board. With our 24/7 online banking system, you control how, when and where you access your account. In other words, you’re in charge. Sign up, log in, and get banking:

Total access
View your UMe accounts and check balances on accounts, loans, credit cards and more. Curious about your IRA contributions? Interested in interest? Dizzy over dividends? View information on many of your UMe products and services.

Transfer funds
For instant saving / spending power, move money from one account to another with a few clicks. You can even use BillPay to cover monthly expenses or pay almost any person or business that accepts checks.

Checking activity
Stay current on your spending. View your checking account balance, inquire by check number, view images of cleared checks and more.

Make loan and credit card payments
Easily pay balances on your loans and credit cards, or transfer funds to make loan payments or advances.

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