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Wire transfers

You can send and receive money from your credit union account to any other financial institution that accepts wire transfers (within the United States, as well as internationally). It's fast, secure, and convenient. The costs are very low compared to money wire agencies.

For instructions on sending and receiving wire transfers, click on the appropriate tab above. You can also download instructions (PDF) for incoming domestic wire transfers or download instructions (PDF) for incoming international wire transfers.

Send money: outgoing

To wire money from your UMe account, anywhere within the United States or Internationally, you will need to complete the appropriate Outgoing Wire Transfer Form, and submit it to us via fax at (818) 238-2930, or in person at the credit union.

NOTE: Funds to be wired over $500.00 require an original signature. A faxed signature is not permitted.

The cost for Outgoing Domestic Wire Transfers is $25 each.

The cost for Outgoing International Wire Transfers is $45 each.

Outgoing Wire Transfer requests made by 12:00 PM (noon) for international wires and 2:00 pm for domestic wires will be initiated the same-day.

Download a Domestic Wire Transfer Request
Download an International Wire Transfer Request

Receive money: incoming

A deposit can be made directly into your UMe Credit Union checking, savings or money market account from another bank, anywhere in the world.

To receive funds to your UMe account from another financial institution, you will need to supply the initiating institution with the appropriate information.

Download instructions for a Domestic Incoming Wire Transfer
Download instructions for an International Incoming Wire Transfer

The cost for Incoming Wire Transfers (Domestic and International) is $10 each.

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