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Finally, A Backseat Driver Worth Listening To… “Buy From Autoland And SAVE!”

We’ve all been there. It’s either our friend, our significant other, family member, or someone else who loves giving unsolicited driving advice from the comfort of the passenger seat – or backseat. Usually, their driving comments are irrelevant and make driving just a little bit more nerve-wracking. (Sometimes, a LOT more nerve-wracking.)

Well, peeps, we’re here to tell you that you should FINALLY listen to your UMe backseat driver, because we really do have some great advice that could save you money on your next vehicle purchase!

We’ve partnered with our dear friends over at Autoland to offer some amazing deals on auto loans. But, before we spill the beans on these limited-time deals, allow us to explain who Autoland is and how it benefits you when buying a vehicle.

In short, Autoland makes buying a vehicle stress- and hassle-free. For example, you just tell them what car you want, then they’ll negotiate the price for you based on your budget. They will also help you trade in your current vehicle at the best value.

Plus, Autoland is connected to a huge auto-dealer network and has the buying power to secure the best vehicle options, at the best price. Essentially, Autoland is like having your own personal shopper. (What’s not to love about that?)

But what about the DEALS??

For a limited time, when you purchase a vehicle from Autoland and finance through UMe, you’ll get a discounted auto rate, free $50 gas card and, as always, no payments for 90 days! It’s our triple-threat auto deal and it’s only for members. (Because we love U!)

Purchase a vehicle from our partners at Autoland to get:

  • 0.25% discounted rate*
  • $50 gas card
  • No payments for 90 days** (as always)
  • All when you finance with UMe!

Start your Autoland shopping experience today to take advantage of these limited-time deals!


*0.25% auto loan rate discount offer good 6/1/2021 – 7/31/2021, term not to exceed 72 months, minimum discounted loan rate is lowest rate per UMe loan product type. To qualify, members must purchase a new or pre-owned car with the Autoland car buying service and finance the vehicle with a UMe loan. Speak with a UMe team member for complete details. **APR = Annual Percentage Rate. Your rate will be based upon an evaluation of your credit worthiness. Note that the no payments for 90 days applies to ANY car loan offer but the discounted rate and $50 gas card are only received in partnership with Autoland.