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Motorcycle Loans

Get your motor runnin’ because your adventure on the open road begins here! Your motorcycle is more than a method of transportation to get you from here to there. It’s a lifestyle, and at UMe Credit Union, we get that!

Whether it’s a chopper, scooter, or dirt bike – we’ve got you covered! Best of all, we’ll help you create a payment plan that works for you!

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Motorcycle Loans: What You Get With UMe

Our members get more than just a simple motorcycle loan. We offer plenty of smart services to fit your financing needs such as:

Motorcycle Loan Refinancing

If you love your motorcycle but want to break up with your existing loan, here are four great and beneficial reasons to refinance with UMe:

  • Lower your monthly payment 

  • Lower your interest rate and possibly save hundreds of dollars in the long run

  • Use the equity in your motorcycle to pay off high-interest debt 

  • Add or remove a signer on an existing loan

With the extra cash you’ll have in your pocket after refinancing with us, you can do so much more! Whether it’s paying off other debts or taking a much-needed vacation, you’ll have more freedom to do what you want with your money!

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Motorcycle Loan FAQs

How long do motorcycle loans typically last?

Your ideal motorcycle loan should have a life of 24 to 36 months – and is typically no more than 60 months.

How can I apply for a UMe motorcycle loan?

Easy! Give us a call at (818) 238-2900, visit our branch, or apply online.

What is Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP)?

GAP (Guaranteed Asset Protection) helps protect you against financial loss if your GAP-protected vehicle is stolen or declared a total loss. With GAP, you’ll ease your financial burden by canceling the difference between your primary insurance settlement and your vehicle loan balance on items directly related to the purchase of their vehicle. 

You may cancel the protection at any time. If you cancel protection within 90 days you will receive a full refund of any fee paid. You will receive additional information before you are required to pay the fee for this product. 

Ready to hit the open road with a bike of your own? UMe has all of your financing needs covered. Just be sure to wear a helmet! 

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