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Check Out Our Visa Credit Card

Looking for a great, low-rate credit card with practical perks made with you in mind? Good news: you’re in the right place!!

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UMe Credit Union offers an attractive Visa Platinum Credit Card with competitive rates and no hidden fees — that also earns rewards! Yes, you read that correctly, it’s a Rewards Card with no annual fee. We’re nice like that! A low-maintenance card that’s full of perks makes it easy for you to save, spend, and keep your credit healthy. Whether you want to kickstart your credit journey, transfer from high balance cards, or bounce back from past mistakes, this card can help get your credit in check! UMe encourages U to see it to believe it — but in the meantime, get a load of these incentives:

  • Low, fixed rate 
  • Earn rewards – like cash back – on every purchase!
  • Instant card issue in-branch
  • Extra security and perks when enrolled in Visa Checkout
  • Verified by Visa fraud detection + Zero Liability
  • Online account management
  • Friendly, personal UMe Credit Union service (we think you’ll like this the most!)

Did we mention rewards?

Earn points that can be redeemed for cash, travel, and more with the UMe Visa®. UMe has harnessed some magic credit union powers to reward-ify our Visa Credit Card! When you use your UMe Visa Credit Card, you’ll earn rewards point for every dollar spent. UMe Rewards also gives you special access to:

  • A cash-back option
  • An extensive rewards catalog with popular brands, top merchants, event tickets and more
  • Convenient online travel reservations

New card holders can score an extra 10,000 bonus points when they spend $1,000 in the first 90 days(new card holders only, one per account). Get a UMe Visa and start earning rewards today!

NOTE: If you have a problem accessing the Rewards site through our Online Banking system, you may need to disable your pop-up blocker.

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Benefits of the UMe Visa Credit Card

Visa Secure

Consider Visa Secure your own personal fraud-busters. It’s designed to prevent, detect, and resolve fraud with your Visa Credit Card. All you have to do is activate the feature on the Visa Secure site or during checkout at participating online merchants. When you make purchases after activation, you’ll be prompted to enter your handy dandy Visa Secure password, and you can breathe easy knowing that you’re shopping with extra security on your side.

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Visa Checkout

Visa Checkout makes online payment easier, faster (pay in one click faster), and more secure. Plus, when you enroll in Visa Checkout, you’ll get special discounts at some of your favorite retailers (Yay!). Spend less time making payments, and more time enjoying your day.

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Visa Zero Liability

Visa’s Zero Liability policy guarantees that you won’t be held responsible for fraudulent charges made with your card or account information. If you find a fraudulent charge on your account, just let us know, and we will provide a quick resolution to set things right without further inconveniencing you.

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Balance Transfer & Save

If you’re looking to transfer a high-rate credit card balance and avoid interest charges, it’s probably better to choose a free option, right? We agree! So, choose our UMe Visa® Credit Card as your balance transfer card. You read right. When you transfer a balance to our UMe Visa, you’ll pay zero fees. Plus, we offer fixed rates as low as 9.90% APR*, which means you can lock in a low rate and start saving money ASAP!

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Frequently Asked Questions About the UMe Visa Credit Card

While we don’t claim to know everything, you have to give us a little credit because we know a lot about it — credit, that is. Here are some common questions we get about credit cards.

Can anyone apply for the Visa® Credit Card?

Absolutely! If you’re not already a UMe member – just follow these requirements, and you’re good to go. You’ll also need the good stuff – such as your driver’s license, so we can make sure you are who you say you are.

What advantages does Visa® Checkout offer to me?

Your primary benefit is not having to worry about having your card on hand to make online purchases. It’s all safely stored for you. Second, we’ll even send you some special discounts to your favorite retailers. How cool is that?

What happens if someone uses my card without my permission?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Visa protects you from any type of unauthorized purchase made with your card or account info. Just give us a call and let us do the dirty work of finding out what happened.

What’s the best rate available on the UMe Visa Credit Card?

We have good news for you! Well-qualified applications can score a low-interest rate of just 9.90% APR*. And our rates are fixed, which means no surprise rate hikes in the future! 

How do I earn Visa Rewards points?

It’s automatic, you don’t have to enroll or anything. You’ll earn one point for every dollar you spend. Plus, when you spend at least $1,000 in the first 90 days, you get 10,000 bonus points! (Bonus Points offer good for new cards only, one per account) Yes, we’re rewarding you like you spent $10,000.

What's to lose?

Seize the reins and take charge of your credit! UMe Credit Union makes it easy for members to apply for a Visa Platinum Credit Card. Not a member? Not to worry! *Anyone* can become a UMe member by making a $10 donation to the Burbank Education Foundation.

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