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Visa Checkout - Log In. Pay. Get On With Your Day.

Here’s some good news for all UMe Visa cardholders! Paying online with your UMe card is easier, faster, and even more secure with Visa Checkout.

This secured check out option springs into action every time you make an online purchase when you sign in and submit through the Visa Checkout process. Bonus: You’ll get to reap some sweet rewards along the way. With special discounts at select favorite retailers and extra security with every transaction, you’ll spend less time going through the motions of entering payment info and more time doing, well, anything else! It’s pretty much like a party in your wallet, but much safer!

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Visa Checkout FAQ

What is Visa Checkout?

Visa Checkout is a convenient and secure way to shop online. Just sign in once with your credit card number and you won’t have to enter your card info again. Talk about security! The system safely houses your payment info, so there’s no more grabbing your wallet or credit card to make a purchase. Not only does this program make shopping more convenient, but it makes it easier to shop without the threat of fraud!

How does Visa Checkout work?

Say goodbye to punching in your card number, security code, and expiration date every time you shop. Visa Checkout allows you to take advantage of technology by sending secure payment codes to retailers without ever sharing your card number. Neat, huh?

Is Visa Checkout the same as a digital wallet like Apple Pay or Google Pay?

No, not really. Visa Checkout is more like a secure autofill program that keeps you from having to enter your card information over and over again, which keeps you safe from anyone trying to clone your keystrokes. (Pesky hackers!) Plus, it keeps all your info on the encrypted (that means safe under lock and key so bad guys can’t nab your info whenever they want.

How do I set up Visa Checkout?

Getting started with Visa Checkout is as easy as U-M-E:

  • Use the link on our website to get registered for the Visa Checkout program. Just create a username and unique password to get the ball rolling!
  • Use your name and email address under the Visa Checkout enrollment page. This will create the account for your UMe card!
  • Enroll in the program! All that’s left to do is shop (which is so much more fun than the other steps).

That’s it! Easy shopping in a snap. Just click on the Visa Checkout button and enter your username and password with every purchase to streamline online checkout and feel like an online shopping V.I.P.

Why use Visa Checkout?

We’ll let you in on a little secret: shopping securely can be convenient, too! Forget about complicated programs and systems that make transactions feel like a chore. When you sign up for Visa Checkout through UMe, we’ll take care of the rest.

  • Just once and you’re done: When you enroll in the program, just enter your card information once and be protected every time you shop at online retailers who accept Visa. And since Visa is everywhere you want to be, you’ll be all good everywhere!
  • Save time: Add multiple cards to your Visa Checkout system and save even more time with every online shopping transaction.
Make secure purchases: Visa Checkout provides a standard security system for all purchases, from ordering dog food to buying your mom the perfect birthday gift.
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