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U help raise $15K for Burbank students, and we’ll match it!

Since day one (literally), Burbank schools have been a big part of what we do here at UMe. As a credit union that was founded by a group of Burbank teachers back in 1940, supporting the schools in our community is super important.

U better watch out (luckily, we’re here for U)! How To Avoid Holiday Shopping Scams

The merriest time of year is here — and buying gifts is on most everyone’s mind! Before you get your shopping on, we’d like to make you aware of the latest holiday scams that are out there, so you can avoid them (and stay as joyful as possible).

Shop Smart This Holiday Season: Get Cash Back on Credit Cards

Are you going to shop 'til you drop this holiday season? Learn more about the best ways to approach the holidays this year.

Are Store Credit Cards Worth It?

Let's face it, those credit card offers when you check out at your favorite store are tempting. As a way to get you to apply, sometimes the cashier will ask if you’re interested in getting a sweet discount on your purchase. But are store credit cards worth it?

Pay. Earn. Give. Repeat.

What’s that old saying? It’s better to give than receive? At UMe, we think you can easily do both this holiday season with the UMe Credit Card!

UMe Outdoor Movie Night: Elf

It’s back, it’s back, it’s really back! That’s right, UMe-verse — we’re hosing an outdoor movie night on December 4th in our parking lot, featuring a screening of the Christmas classic, Elf!

Shopping Tips for a Successful 2021 Holiday Season

The hap-hap-happiest time of the year is here, and that means catchy holiday carols, shopping for you and yours, candy canes, and fuzzy sweaters!
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