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Fun and Festive Activities for Fall! 

The leaves are falling from the trees, pumpkin spice has found its way to the menus of our favorite coffee shops, and the UMe Emu has watched Hocus Pocus a record four times this month!

Refinance Your Ride And Save

Peeps, if you think you’re paying too much on your auto loan, then we’re here to tell you it doesn’t have to be that way. At UMe, we’re all about helping you save wherever you can – and refinancing your auto loan could save you lots.

Here’s Three Ways To Help U Save

Now more than ever, saving money matters. With everything that has happened (so far) in 2020, your team here at UMe remain even more committed to helping and serving you in every way we can.

Fraud Alert: Don’t Fall For These Common Financial Scams

Turn on the Purple Bird Signal in the Burbank night sky because The UMe Emu and his team of super fraud fighters (aka Team UMe) are here to give you some information on today’s most common scams!

Business Loans To Help U Get Back In Business!

We understand it hasn’t been easy for small businesses this year, which is why we’re here to help! UMe has partnered with Opportunity Fund, the nation’s leading nonprofit business lender, to provide small businesses across California with access to additional funds at competitive rates with generous terms.

Be Aware of The Latest “Vishing” Tactics, Friends.

Raise your hand (or wing) if you’ve received a high amount of suspicious calls in the past few months. You're not alone.

Home Sweet (Refinanced) Home!

We love finding ways for our UMe members to save money… it fills us with delight! Refinancing your mortgage could do just that.

RV Loan: 5 Tips For Financing An RV

Interested in hitting the open road and experiencing the adventures of RV life? Sounds like fun! But first, you probably need to get the financing necessary to make it a reality, right?

Hey High School Seniors, UMe’s got U!

This year has been weird. And not good-weird. Whether you’re learning virtually or getting homeschooled, we’ll help you make the best of your Senior year with financial tools and tips to prepare you for college in a post-COVID world. Despite these strange times, UMe is here for U.

Grocery Shopping Just Got TRIPLE Rewarding

Shopping for groceries hasn’t really been a walk in the park these days. With everything going on, it can be tough trying to brave the crowds to hunt down those essential items. (What happened to all the flour and yeast?)
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