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Beware of Stimulus Scams, UMe-verse

By now you’ve probably heard the good news: to help Americans cope with the economic hardships caused by COVID-19 (Coronavirus), the government will be issuing stimulus payments (as part of the Federal Stimulus Package) to many residents.

Don’t Fall for Coronavirus Scams

At UMe, we want to keep our members informed, healthy and safe during these trying times. That’s why we’re sharing an update from The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) about some recent financial scams that are taking advantage of fears surrounding the Coronavirus.

Take a Bad News Break: Get Three Months of Loan Payment Relief

We’ve had just about enough bad news for now, thank you very much. So here’s a breaking update that we hope you’ll actually enjoy reading.

15 for 15: Together, We Can Raise $30k for Burbank Schools

Want some of those feel-good vibes you can only get from a job well-done? Read on!

How to Make All Your Vacation Dreams Come True

Are you unable to focus because you’re daydreaming about fun travel plans? You may be experiencing a phenomenon known as Vacation Brain (it’s highly scientific).

UMe’s Top 3 Ways to be Debt-free

We’re a couple months into 2020 and we hope your resolutions are still in full effect! More importantly, we’re here to make sure your financial goals are still going strong.

Invest in Your Dream to Make Your Business Better Than Ever

It’s the turn of the decade and time to make that small business of yours exactly what you dreamed it would be.

Take Your Pick: Luxury Cruise Vs. Endless Days in Your Robe

Let’s talk retirement, shall we? How does a luxurious vacation cruising the Cayman Islands sound? Or what about a wine-filled vaca in the south of France? If traveling isn’t at the top of your list, how about spending endless days in comfy slippers and a robe because, why not?

$2,500 for U (for college)

Calling all super awesome students in Burbank! Scholarship season is here and we’re giving two (2) students a $2,500 scholarship.

Break Free From Holiday Debt

While the little ones work to stay on the “Nice List” during the holidays, many grown ups find themselves making financial decisions that move their name over to the Financially Naughty one.
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