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Four Surprise Benefits of Owning a Home in Burbank

No doubt about it, Burbank is a great place to buy a home:

  • Affordability (by LA standards anyway)
  • A+ school districts
  • Proximity to one of the most interesting cities in the world

But there are other, less obvious reasons, too—the unique benefits that only locals know. As a credit union with extensive roots in the neighborhood, we’ll let you in on these four secret advantages of homeownership in Burbank:

Strong “neighbor” vibe
Is it just us, or do people smile more once you venture out of the city proper? Sure, Barham Boulevard is just one exit away from the Hollywood Bowl, but Burbank just feels different.

We happen to think it’s because of the residents. People look out for each other; neighbors wave; kids play together… you know, all the stuff that’s rare for LA but common in the rest of the country ;)

And then there are the local events. Whether it’s the annual Holiday in The Park celebration along Magnolia Boulevard or Summer Movie Nights here at UMe, we’re all about coming together.

All the hardware stores
As a homeowner, you inevitably need to do some repairs. Well good news, Future Burbank Resident! You hit the repair-store jackpot.

Have you ever map-searched “hardware stores Burbank” online? They’re everywhere! From Luky’s Hardware to Home Depot to Lowe’s, our neighborhood is dedicated to helping you fix your leaky faucet, patch your roof, or paint your house (by the way, your kitchen would look great in Spearmint, if we do say so ourselves).    

Parking (no, really)
If you’re moving from almost anywhere other than Los Angeles, parking probably doesn’t top your list of neighborhood priorities. For everyone else, let us pause to reflect on the magic of abundant parking—which Burbank has!

Sure, you might not get the spot right in front of your destination during peak hours. However, there’s a good chance you’ll find a place if you just turn down that next street. (Of course, if you’re trying to visit the Empire Center or IKEA, all bets are off.)

Proximity to Porto’s
You can’t talk about the perks of Burbank without a shout-out to Porto’s Bakery. While you can find this monument to Cuban cuisine in various locations across Los Angeles, Burbank residents treasure the delectable potato balls, guava-cheese pastries and put-hair-on-your-chest coffee as their own.

An affordable mortgage and first-rate public school-system is important. But let’s be honest; the real reason to move to Burbank is for the potato balls J

Have we piqued your interest in buying a home in Burbank? Check out our online home loan application, or speak to a UMe representative today.

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