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Our gift to you in January? The UMe Platinum Visa.
(No need to send a thank you note, it’s really our pleasure!)

Ah, January, it’s that special time of year… you know, when all your December bills come due. (Yeah, ouch.) Now, it’s highly likely that a credit card (or two) of yours may have gained a few, let’s just say “holiday pounds” over the last couple of months. And, if you’ve racked up an unhealthy balance to start the new year, we’ve totally got your back.

How, you may ask? Well, allow us to explain. With our fixed rate UMe Platinum Visa, you can transfer balances from your higher rate cards 100% FEE-FREE! Yes, you read that right. Most cards charge a percentage of the balance when you do a balance transfer. Not us, no way. We let you transfer to a UMe Visa without feeing you on the balance… zero, zilch, nada. Not only that – your balance transfer rate is the same, fixed rate that you have for purchases, and it’s locked in, which means it won’t creep up over time, like those sneaky variable rates can do.

Here’s a detailed list of our UMe Platinum Visa perks:

  1. NO balance transfer fees
  2. Low FIXED rate as low as 9.90% APR*
  3. NO cash-advance fee
  4. NO application fee
  5. LOW foreign-transaction fee

So, there you have it. Consider this your personal, post-holiday, first-of-the-year, fresh-start balance transfer gift from your friends here at UMe. (You’re welcome!) Now’s the perfect time to cut those high, variable rate credit cards loose, and transfer those balances to the UMe Platinum Visa, so you can start anew in 2018!

*APR=Annual Percentage Rate. Your rate will be based upon an evaluation of your creditworthiness. For additional details regarding rates and fees, please visit

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