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Three ways that UMe increases your daily awesome

You may already know that UMe offers low rates to love and member service to remember (and if you don’t, stop by our branch and say ‘hola!’). But we consider ourselves more than just another financial institution.

That’s why we also go out of our way to provide non bank-y benefits as well—the kinds of things that make your day a little more awesome.

Check it out:

1. Sprint savings perks
If you haven’t introduced yourself to Sprint Cash Rewards, allow us to acquaint you. UMe members receive:
  • Credit union members earn $100 in cash rewards per new line on unlimited lines with Sprint
  • Credit union members receive a $100 annual loyalty reward every year
  • Plus, 25% off select accessories purchased in Sprint stores

Basically, we can help you get paid for using your phone. And if use your phone to manage your life like we do, we think you’ll appreciate it.

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2. Community compliant
We draw our extreme banking power from the communities we serve (and a protein-rich diet). To make our neighbors’ day-to-day a little better, we try to meet your non-money needs. Whether it’s our summertime movie night events, scholarships for high school students, or our co-sponsored food and toy drives, we want to help you thrive financially and otherwise.

3. Social media contests
Why should you follow UMe in social media? Cool content, helpful information and yes, free money! Sure, our Instagram contests keep you engaged and entertained with the goings-on of the UMe community… but reaping a financial reward doesn’t hurt. It’s just another way we try to give you an awesome UMe experience every day.
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