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Four smart ways to use your UMe Visa Rewards points, according to the UMe Emu

The UMe Visa Platinum Credit Card’s Rewards program truly blows my feathers back. That’s no small feat! As an emu who’s dedicated his life to all things personal finance, I know a thing or three about credit card rewards programs; UMe’s takes the cake.

In addition to earning one Rewards point for every dollar spent, current UMe Visa cardholders will experience zero changes to their card. That means you keep your low fixed rate; there are no new fees; and your card number stays the same!!

(Sorry, transparent banking makes me giddy).

So how exactly do you get rewarded for your Rewards? Allow me to make some suggestions:

1. Shop like a pro
With UMe Rewards, your points can be redeemed for brand-name merchandise, gift cards to popular establishments, and more. So if you use your card strategically, these items become bonuses for your other purchases.

“What does ‘use your card strategically’ mean,” you ask? Read on, friend…

2. Turn ordinary into extraordinary
The beauty of the UMe Rewards program is that you earn rewards for every purchase—even the boring things you need like gas and groceries. Ordinarily, you might use cash for these humdrum items, but if you insert / swipe your UMe Visa, you accumulate points towards the stuff you really want.

3. Travel more, pay less
Whether you already fancy yourself a sophisticated world traveler or just aspire to be one, UMe Rewards gives you the freedom to explore. Redeem your points for airline tickets, hotel rooms, car rentals, cruises and all manner of out-of-town fun. Plus, there are no blackout dates, Saturday-night-stay requirements or other annoying restrictions.

4. Get paid (i.e., turn points into dollars)
Did I mention there’s a cash-back option? As a financial advisor, I have to say this is my favorite feature of the UMe Rewards program. Sure, traveling is great; buying cool gadgets is always fun. But free cash? I mean, come on! Use your UMe Visa Rewards to add a little cushion to your account.

Want to get on board the Rewards train? Credit union members can apply for the UMe Visa online.

NOTE: If you have a problem accessing the Rewards site through our Online Banking system, you may need to disable your pop-up blocker.

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