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UMe's 15 for 15 Challenge—Support Burbank Students!

You don’t need to be a Harvard grad to know that entering UMe’s 15 For 15 Challenge is a bright idea.

UMe is very excited to announce that we’re raising $15K to support The Burbank Educational Foundation (BEF), an awesome local organization that provides assistance to the Burbank Unified School District through important teacher grants and more.

Why raise money for the BEF? Allow us to explain via The Rule of 15’s (it’s a thing we just made up, but we like it):

  • UMe has 15K members
  • There are 15K students in the Burbank Unified School District
  • We’re matching UMe Member donations up to $15K!

When this many significant 15’s align, we can’t not do something about it☺

But wait—there’s more!

BFFs in Burbank education
In addition to being Burbank based, UMe and the BEF share an important connection: our support of local education.

As a credit union started by Burbank teachers and committed to supporting area schools, backing the BEF is super important to us. But we can’t do it without your help!

Remember, we’ll match every UMe Member donation up to $15K.

Help UMe support the BEF and the awesome students of Burbank!

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