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5 Ways to Use The UMe Mobile App

At UMe, we believe your phone is a tool. It’s fun, sure, but we don’t want you spending your entire day scrolling through feeds, liking, tagging — stalking exes (kidding). We think you should use your phone for a task and then get back to living! That’s why we made the UMe mobile app super simple and convenient. It’s an efficient way to manage your finances on the go and then go do something else — like take a nap in a hammock on a breezy evening while listening to the soft lull of an acoustic guitar. Or literally anything other than staring at a screen!

Download the app and immediately get access to many useful mobile banking features and capabilities.

Here are five easy ways to go from mobile newbie to UMe mobile app master.

Deposit Checks

If you frequently receive checks, you can deposit them using our app instead of coming into the branch or finding an ATM. Simply take a picture of the check, and your money goes into your account based on the deposit schedule.

There’s no need to worry about the security of your deposit. Photos of your check are immediately transmitted to UMe and aren’t stored on your device. Your account information is also secured by encryption. So, no worries. In short — we good. Enable/Disable Your Cards Have you ever misplaced a credit or debit card? There are a few stages of lost-card grief. There’s panic, self-flagellation, anger, shame, pity, and remorse for what came out of your mouth when you realized it was gone.

The UMe mobile app replaces that emotional journey with confidence and peace. If you lose track of your card, just open the app and disable it. It’s both easy to do and easy to UN-do. If you end up finding the card in your back pocket, just open the app again, enable it, and continue using it like normal.

Pay Bills or Pay Your Friends

Quickly pay your bills, pay for services, or send money to family and friends, using the UMe mobile app.

The app gives you the ultimate means to access your money. That means paying who you want, when you want, where you want. When paying your bills, you can schedule them ahead of time, set up recurring payments and even view your payment history, all from the app.

View Account Activity

Use the mobile app to keep track of your posted and pending transactions to ensure your payments have gone through. Also, this allows you to check your balance when you need it. This includes interest rates and payment details for loans and credit cards. At UMe, we call that balance of mind, body and bank account. Namaste, my friends.

Transfer Funds

Transfer funds between accounts inside the credit union or out, with the quick push of a button.

Now that IOU gets to your BFF ASAP.

Download The UMe Mobile App

Mobile banking is a beautiful thing. Take advantage of it.

To download, visit the Google Play Store for Android devices or the App Store for Apple devices. Download the app directly to your device and sign in to your account.

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