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Put your payment toward some holiday cheer

UMe’s Holiday Skip-A-Pay is back! We believe that this time of year should be full of as much joy as possible — and having more money in your wallet is definitely joyful!

During the months of November or December you can apply to Skip-A-Payment* on a UMe auto loan, personal loan, share-secured loan, home equity line of credit (HELOC), easy access line of credit, and Visa credit card.

Applying for Skip-A-Pay is as smooth as Grandma’s figgy pudding! (We know your grandma doesn’t make figgy pudding. What is figgy pudding?? Point is, signing up for Skip-A-Pay is easy.)
  • Download the Skip-A-Pay form here.
  • Choose the month you’d like to skip (November or December).
  • Return the completed form to the credit union or fax it to us at (818) 238-2930.

And that’s it. You can now return to your regularly scheduled Yule Log watching.

*Member agrees to make the scheduled payment due for the month following the payment deferral, and all scheduled payments thereafter. By signing the Skip-A-Pay request form, member agrees to all terms & conditions. Interest will accrue on all affected loans and may cause the maturity date on each to be extended. At least three payments must be made on all eligible loans. Loans must be current for the last 6 months and all shares in good standing.

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