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15 for 15: Together, We Can Raise $30k for Burbank Schools

UMe will match every UMe member donated dollar, up to $15k!

Want some of those feel-good vibes you can only get from a job well-done? Read on!

Like we’re sure you do - we love Burbank. We have amazing people, delicious restaurants, and an unmatched neighborly feel to our city’s streets. One of the main reasons families make the move to Burbank is for our top-notch public school district. Over the past few years the Burbank Unified School District (BUSD) has received less and less funding from the state, which has caused many of the schools’ initiatives to dwindle or disappear. This means less teachers, larger class sizes, little-to-no extra-circular activities, and less resources for our students. Our public schools are at risk of not being able to provide the level of education that our kids deserve.

We at UMe want to help! As a credit union that started back in 1940 by a group of Burbank Teachers, we have a special place in our hearts for our city’s schools. That’s why we launched the 15-for-15 initiative, where we will match all UMe member donations to the Burbank Educational Foundation, up to $15K. That’s a total of $30K for our schools! You can help keep a music teacher and their class, or provide necessary supplies, or keep the National Academy of Finance program going strong! We truly believe in the power of our community, so we’re rising to the challenge and we hope you will too!

Well, what are you waiting for? Let’s join forces to help Burbank schools today! To learn more about the Burbank Education Foundation, click here.

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