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Our online banking system gives you complete control over how, when and where you access your account. In other words, you’re the boss.

The Details

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Total access

Perform all the tasks you love about visiting our lobby, from the convenience of your computer. View account balances, manage cards, pay bills, send money to friends & family, transfer between accounts, or make payments — all at your fingertips.

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Transfer funds

For instant saving / spending power, move money from one account to another with a few clicks. You can even use Zelle® to pay family and friends, or BillPay to cover monthly expenses or pay almost any person or business that accepts checks.

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Checking activity

Stay current on your spending. View your checking account balance, inquire by check number, view images of cleared checks and more.

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Make loan and credit card payments

Easily pay balances on your loans and credit cards, or transfer funds to make loan payments or advances.


“Hallelujah, today is bill-pay day!” said no one ever.

We can’t make paying bills exciting, but we can make it easy, more convenient, and best of all—free!

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Yes, totally free

All you have to do is log in to your UMe account, and you can make bill payments anywhere you have web access—anytime. Take charge of your finances, even while you’re on vacation, during a lunch break, or at home while everyone’s asleep.

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Schedule payments ahead of time

Say sayonara to forgotten payments. Simply schedule recurring payments and they get paid automatically… even while you’re out having fun.

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Track your payments and view history

Managing your finances is a snap with online bill pay. You can easily see where you’re spending your money, and how much you spend on bills each month.

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Pay nearly anyone

You can pay nearly any business or individual who accepts checks. Pay your phone bill, make loan payments, pay your gardener or even your doctor.

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Save a tree (or two)

When you remove stamps and paper checks from the bill-paying equation, you’re helping to create a greener environment. Almost makes paying bills worth it… Not buying that?… We’ll stop while we’re ahead.

Ready to show your finances who's boss?

It’s time to take charge. Get started with online banking today.

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