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Samsung Pay

Use your UMe card
...without using your UMe card

With UMe + Samsung Pay on your Samsung compatible device, paying on the go is as easy as pulling out your phone. Samsung Pay is available virtually anywhere you can use your UMe card. Plus, it works at more places than any other mobile payment service.* Simply swipe up to launch the app, secure the transaction with your fingerprint and hover your device over the card reader to complete the payment.

In addition to being easy to use, Samsung Pay is highly secure:

Personal Protection
Transactions are authorized with your fingerprint, so you're in control of when each payment is made.

Shop Safely
Each transaction uses a random token instead of your card number, which means your actual information isn't shared when you shop and your details stay safe.

Built-in Security
With Samsung Knox technology embedded, your phone is constantly monitored for signs of malicious attacks or vulnerabilities. If your phone is ever compromised, your card information is still safely encrypted within a separate and secure data vault.

Privacy Protection
Your purchases remain yours alone; Samsung Pay doesn't store or share your payment information.

Setting up Samsung Pay is super simple:

  • Download the Samsung Pay App from the Google Play® store.
  • Tap “Add Card” and scan your UMe card using your device’s camera. (You can manually enter your card info, too)
  • Secure your account with your fingerprint and a backup PIN. That’s it!

How do I verify my UMe card?
Once you set up Samsung Pay you’ll need to verify your credit union info. Usually this step happens automatically, but some users may be asked to contact us for validation. Just give us a call, and we’ll be happy to help.

You should also receive an email to verify that you are all set up. If you ever get an email notification saying your UMe card has been activated with Samsung Pay — but you haven’t tried to set it up — block your card and contact us immediately.

How does Samsung Pay work?
If you’re making a purchase at a store, look for the Samsung Pay symbol or Pay Wave symbol at checkout, and hold your phone up to the reader. Then, verify your identity with Touch ID and wait for the phone to vibrate or beep. Wallah!

If the merchant asks for a PIN, just enter it in their card reader, like you normally would.

What if I lose my phone?
If you ever lose your phone or device containing Samsung Pay give us a call right away. We’ll temporarily block your UMe card, that way, you don’t get hit with unauthorized charges.

Where can I use Samsung Pay?
Samsung Pay is accepted at grocery stores, restaurants, hotels and many other merchants. Samsung Pay symbol or PayWave symbol at checkout.

Contactless Card Symbol Samsung Pay

*Only compatible with select cards and Samsung devices, see for compatibility.

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