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Enjoy Amazon Prime Day, But Be Alert for Online Scammers

Yes, Even Amazon Prime Day Suffers from Scammers

Oh my gosh, UMe-verse! It’s coming: Amazon Prime Day. A.K.A. Christmas In July. A.K.A. U know we can probably expect some Amazon deliveries soon. Been waiting to get that air fryer that TikTok encouraged you to buy? Well, Prime Day is a good day for that!

It’s definitely a smart move to check out and take advantage of Prime Day for awesome deals, just remember cybercriminals also use Prime Day for awful scams. Sneaky culprits! These scammers use Prime Day in many ways, but the most common thing they do is put the Amazon logo in phishing emails to seem more legitimate – then link to fake Amazon login pages. Once you enter your Amazon login info on a fake page, criminals can use your Amazon account to log you out while they make purchases using your saved payment information.

Keep your Amazon account secure and follow these tips:

  • Enable multi-factor authentication (MFA) – sometimes known as two-factor authentication – on your Amazon account. MFA adds an additional layer of security by requiring you to present two or more verification methods to log in to your account such as a code sent to your email or via SMS.
  • Cybercriminals often use scare tactics to trick you into clicking links without thinking. If you receive an email that urges you to take immediate action, stop and evaluate the message before you click any links. Ask yourself, is it actually from Amazon? Or is it a fake URL with the word ‘amazon’ in it?
  • If you receive an email from Amazon about an upcoming delivery or an account update, this might be a red flag! Do not under any circumstances click any links in the email. Instead, log in to your Amazon account directly from your browser or in the app to check on this alert to make sure it’s legitimate!

As always, stay vigilant online and stay tuned to our UMe blog for more helpful notices, because U matter to Me (all of us) at UMe!


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