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How Renaming Your Emergency Fund Can Help U Save More

Achieving your savings goals can be more exciting than you think! A simple tactic, like renaming your emergency fund, can turn it into a fun and, more importantly, motivating project. By changing how you name your savings account, you can make the process more engaging and purposeful. 

Why Rename Your Emergency Fund? 

Traditional names like “emergency fund” can feel intimidating or even… (gasp) negative, which can make saving seem daunting. (It’s not!) Renaming it to something more positive or specific, like “Rainy Day Fund” or “Future Adventures,” can make saving feel more intentional and uplifting. A positive name can shift your mindset, making it easier to prioritize saving. 

Make It Personal 

Choose a name that reflects your personal goals or passions. The key is to make the name resonate with what you’re saving for. A personalized name makes the fund more purposeful and keeps your goals at the forefront of your mind. For instance: 

  • If you love traveling, consider “Wanderlust Fund” 
  • If you’re preparing for potential home repairs, try “Nest Egg Builder” 
  • Saving for a new gadget? Name it “Tech Upgrades” 

Boost Your Motivation 

A personalized name can serve as a constant reminder of why you’re saving, boosting your motivation to contribute regularly. Every time you see the name, you’ll be reminded of your goals, making it easier to stay committed to reaching them. 

How to Get Started  

(It’s Easy!) 

  1. Identify Your Goals: Think about what you’re saving for. It could be emergencies, future trips, home improvements, or even a new car. 
  1. Get Creative: Pick a name that excites and motivates you. Make it fun and inspiring. 
  1. Update Your Accounts: Rename your accounts on the UMe Mobile app or online portal to reflect your new, fun names (it’s easy to do!). This small change can make a big difference in how you approach your savings. 

UMe Pro Tip: U can have as many sub savings accounts under your UMe membership number as you’d like – and you’re able to set those up yourself!  

U + Me = UMe: Your Partner in Financial Success 

At UMe Credit Union, we’re dedicated to helping our Burbank community achieve their financial goals. Open a UMe Savings Account and start your newly named fund today. Get started now and make saving a fun and rewarding experience! With UMe, achieving your savings goals is easier and more enjoyable than ever. 

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