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New You. New Way to Pay Off Debt Faster!

Family has hit the road, the holiday parties are over and the New Year Baby is about to toddle right into next month. Time to take a peek at your credit card balance(s) and see what….WHOA. The holidays were fun but may have taken a toll on your funds!

No biggie, though, because (as always), UMe has your back. Transfer your other balance(s) over to our rewarding credit card! Here’s how we can help you erase debt faster than two honks of a New Year’s Eve noise maker. You’ll get:

  • A low fixed rate. (It’s not going anywhere)
  • NO balance transfer fees (Come on over, join the fun and save)
  • NO cash advance fees (We all need cash but we don’t need hidden fees)
  • NO annual fee & NO application fee (More fee-free goodies for U)

So, what are you waiting for? The clock may have hit midnight for the new year, but you can buy yourself way more time to pay off debt while saving money. All you have to do is transfer your high-interest debt to UMe… for FREE. (Yep, we put FREE in all caps because we’re really excited about this for U!)



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