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Shop Smart This Holiday Season: Get Cash Back on Credit Cards

Ah, the holidays! Some people love ‘em, some people, well… not so much. Most people will agree that (even if you’re one of those super-spirited elves who loves crossing names off of your list) holiday shopping can be stressful.

If it’s braving all the shops in person, getting overwhelmed by sales galore, or bracing for the hit on your wallet — oftentimes, more merry means more bills.

‘Tis the season to be jolly, after all. So let us help you tackle this most festive (and yes, expensive) of times with your secret holiday weapon: the cash rewards credit card.

Holiday Shopping Using Cash Rewards on Credit Cards

Typically, with a rewards credit card, you get points to put toward either cash back or certain types of rewards. Those rewards can include cash, where often one point = one dollar, or points that you can redeem toward a catalog of options, including gift cards, travel, goods and experiences.

Even better, your card provider may offer additional promotional offers that allow you to score extra points! Read on to find out how.

Getting a Rewards Card During the Holidays

If you’re considering getting a rewards card in order to pay for your holiday expenses, there could be additional benefits.

Put Cash Back on Credit Cards to Work for U

This holiday season, review the conditions and terms of your rewards credit card (if you have one). If you’re considering getting one, take a look at their offers. Things to look out for include cash back categories, such as cash back on dining, everyday purchases, or even cash back on grocery store purchases.

You can go even further and look at things like whether your card provider is offering double or triple points on certain types of purchases, including retail or dining. That way, by using your credit card for specific purchases, you’re earning points on points!

There’s no reason that chill in the air should put your budget on ice this holiday season. That’s why UMe keeps it simple when it comes to making sure you’ve got a spare couple of bucks to spend on a peppermint mocha. Our cards put some predictability in your budget by coming with a low, fixed rate–something most other cards don’t have! No need to fret about your interest rates suddenly changing on U, because with a UMe card, your rate stays the same month after month.

Even better, in the spirit of holiday cheer, UMe members can take advantage of our Holiday Skip-a-Pay program, which lets you skip one Visa payment in November or December, to put more merry in your bank account when you need it most.

Holiday Shopping Examples Ripped from the Headlines

You’ve got your list, you’ve checked it twice, you’ve found out who’s naughty and nice (although really, who are you to judge?). You’re ready to hit the stores—or fill your online shopping cart, whatever floats your holiday boat.

Let’s say you’ve got a card that’s offering double points on dining and triple points on retail. You know what that means, don’t you? Baby, it’s green outside! Green with cash, that is!

Essentially, when you pay for your holiday purchases with a rewards card offering additional points on dining and shopping, they will be the gifts that will keep on giving when that rewards statement comes due. Even that time you ate lunch out because you were simply famished from shopping so hard for the people closest to you? If your card offers points on dining, that’s points, my friend.

Other Holiday Shopping Options

At UMe, our Visa Platinum Credit Cards come with the ability to earn rewards on every purchase. They also come with competitive rates, instant card issues if you apply in-branch, the security and perks of Visa Checkout, fraud detection, and zero liability.

But we get that not everybody’s a credit card person. Fair enough. We also offer personal loans, with low, fixed rates, flexible terms up to 60 months, and penalty-free early payoffs!

For the savers among us (good for you, by the way!), we offer Holiday Savings Accounts. There are no minimum opening deposit requirements or monthly fees, and you can start making withdrawals as early as early November. Save all year long with automatic payroll deductions or regular deposits.

Start Earning Cash Back on Credit Cards

Are visions of sugarplums dancing in your head? Do you smell chestnuts roasting on an open fire or feel Jack Frost nipping at your nose? Whether you answered yes or no, chances are the people on your gift list are.

The holidays can be expensive, but cash back on credit cards means they don’t have to break the bank. When you’re the one doing the shopping and you get cash back on credit card purchases, it can be better to give than to receive!

Click below to learn why the UMe Visa Credit Card is your ticket to easy-breezy holiday shopping!

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