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The UMe Rewards Credit Card

Are you ready to rock a rewards credit card?

We thought so. With the UMe Rewards Platinum Visa credit card, we offer you the three amigos of modern credit cards: spending power, awesome rewards, and a competitive low, fixed rate. UMe Rewards Credit Card Benefits

Let’s get into the delightful details, like how this card works and how to get it.


Low-Interest Rates

Many rewards credit cards entice you with the promise of rewards, but then hit you with a high interest rate. Per usual, that’s not the case at UMe. Our rewards credit card has rates starting at only 12.90% fixed.

Low interest that stays fixed as long as you have your card, what more can you ask for?

Even if you don’t qualify for our lowest rate, rest assured we will work to provide you with an interest rate you feel comfortable with.


No Annual Fee

We think you should celebrate anniversaries, not charge for them. That’s why we don’t charge you an expensive annual fee to keep your credit card open.

Once it’s yours, it’s yours. You’re welcome. Maybe send us a singing telegram on our anniversary?


No Balance Transfer Fees

Do you have other credit cards and debt that’s drowning you with high-interest rates? If so, we invite you to transfer your balance to our rewards credit card.

Unlike most balance transfer invitations, we don’t charge you a fee to bring your balances over. Consolidate your debt and improve your finances by paying less interest.

Keep the balance transfer fee you would have paid and put it towards paying down your balance. That’s banking on UMe.


Low Foreign Transaction Fees

Foreign transaction fees have been standard in international travel for years. But we don’t believe in charging you a higher fee just because others do. The only fee you’ll pay is Visa’s “up-to-1%” foreign transaction fee, nothing from UMe. When you travel abroad, we want to be able to use your credit card without having to worry. Spend your money on gelato, tapas, afternoon teas, sake tastings, safaris, or surfing lessons – not on foreign transaction fees.

Travel the world, live abroad, visit family and go on vacation, all while using your rewards credit card and paying no more than 1% in Visa’s fees per transaction.


24-Hour Access & Security

One essential component of banking happy is knowing that your finances are secure. When you download our UMe mobile app, you can enable and disable your credit card in real-time, 24/7.

If you’re out and lose your card, just open the UMe app and easily disable your card from there.

If the card turns up 10 minutes later in your back pocket, turn your card back on in the UMe app, and it’s ready for use immediately.

That’s peace of mind money can’t buy.


Instant Gratification

Once approved, members don’t have to wait on their UMe Rewards Credit Card to come in the mail.

Just visit the branch and we can instantly issue a card, so you can start taking advantage of the rewards on day one.


Get Your UMe Rewards Credit Card

If you’re ready to rock a UMe Rewards Credit Card, our process is simple. You can apply online and get a quick response. Or if you prefer to complete the process in person, call 818-238-2900, and we’ll schedule a time for you to come in and get started.

Learn more about UMe Platinum Visa Rewards Credit Card