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It shouldn’t be complex to buy stuff online. Visa Click to Pay makes it simple, smart, and secure.

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Securely check out with fewer clicks

With Visa Click to Pay, online checkout is as easy as breezing through rush hour traffic in the carpool lane. No more digging around for your wallet or pecking at the keyboard to type in your payment details. Just click the icon and sail on through so you can spend more time doing, well, anything else!

3 big reasons to get excited

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One-Click Online Checkout

You won’t need to enter your credit card number or personal info. Simply tap Click to Pay icon and your order will securely go through.

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Set It and Forget It

Set it up once and choose “Remember me” to save time wherever you see the Click to Pay icon .

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Ultra Secure

Your card number stays private because your computer sends a secure code to complete each purchase safely. This helps protect your card against unauthorized use.

Additional Click to Pay Info

Visa Click to Pay makes online shopping easy. You won’t have to enter your 16-digit primary account number, look up passwords, or fill out long forms to make a purchase. Simply point, click, and pay. This unique feature is available wherever you see the Click to Pay checkout icon. 

Other important details include:

  • A fast and simplified checkout that lets you complete purchases with one simple mouse click.
  • Secure storage that safely stores your payment information for faster future checkouts.
  • Universal functionality that enables you to use Click to Pay on websites, apps, and stores.
  • Worldwide acceptance by millions of merchants.
  • Quick access to your favorite payment accounts without having to enter data manually each time.

Online checkout has evolved. Experience the future of streamlined purchasing. Click, pay, and be on your way in seconds with Visa Click to Pay.

Check out securely with fewer clicks

Online buying is evolving. Now when you see the Click to Pay icon Visa Checkout icon you can enjoy a secure checkout experience—all without having to remember a password.

Explainer video for Visa Secure Remote Commerce (Visa SRC).

Click to pay with Visa in just a few steps

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Set it Up

Log in and add your Visa credit, prepaid, or debit cards.

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Shop Till You Drop

Use your Visa card on any site where you see the Click to Pay icon.

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Save Time

You can skip guest checkout, bypass form fields, and eliminate remembering passwords.

Icon Quote

Of all the banks and credit unions I’ve banked at, this is by far the best. Everyone is so helpful and friendly that I actually prefer waiting in line over the ATM for my easy transactions..

— Edith P., Burbank, CA

Visa Click to Pay FAQs

Say goodbye to punching in your card number, security code, and expiration date every time you shop. Visa Click to Pay sends a special code to retailers instead of your card number to process purchases. This keeps your card details private. Neat, huh?

Whoa, hold on there. For starters, it’s free to enroll in this program. However, you first need to be a UMe member to do so. Click here to check out eligibility requirements. You can also join our financial family if you make a $10 donation to the Burbank Arts & Education Foundation. Bookmark this page—once you’re a proverbial (and literal) card-carrying member, click the “Enroll Now” button above!

No, not really. Visa Click to Pay is more like a secure autofill program that keeps you from having to enter your card information over and over again, which keeps you safe from anyone trying to clone your keystrokes. (Pesky hackers!) Plus, it keeps all your info on the encrypted (that means safe under lock and key so bad guys can’t nab your info whenever they want.

We’ll let you in on a little secret: shopping securely can be convenient, too! Forget about complicated programs and systems that make transactions feel like a chore. When you sign up for Visa Click to Pay through UMe, we’ll take care of the rest.

Just once and you’re done: When you enroll in the program, just enter your card information once and be protected every time you shop at online retailers who accept Visa. And since Visa is everywhere you want to be, you’ll be all good everywhere!

Save time: Add multiple cards to your Visa Click to Pay system and save even more time with every online shopping transaction.

Make secure purchases: Visa Click to Pay provides a standard security system for all purchases, from ordering dog food to buying your mom the perfect birthday gift.

Learn everything there is to know about Visa Click to Pay by visiting Visa’s FAQ page.

Any Visa credit card that displays the Click to Pay checkout icon can be used to take advantage of the streamlined purchasing benefits. Your Visa Click to Pay credit card removes the friction from the checkout process entirely for smooth, ultra-fast online buying.

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