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Your personal car-buying service

If you’re looking for a great deal on a new car and wouldn’t say no to some assistance, then cry “Hallelujah!” Autoland is the answer to your prayers. 

Not only does Autoland help you find your next ride, they’ll negotiate the price, help you trade in your current vehicle, and much more. All you have to do it tell them what car you are looking for and when you want to pick it up. It’s like having a super knowledgeable and well connected personal shopper (look at you and your glamorous lifestyle!). Autoland will act as your personal car buying service using its vast network and buying power to secure the best options available.

Best of all? The service is free to UMe members!

Autoland in a nutshell:

  • Does the work of car-shopping for you
  • Searches a vast network of new and pre-owned vehicles
  • Provides expert advise
  • Negotiates a great deal
  • Works with UMe to help you get financing


How does Autoland work?
Autoland uses its network of dealerships to find the car you want. They then arrange special pricing available exclusively to credit union members (that’s you!).

Do I have to buy new?
No. When you use Autoland, you can shop for new cars, pre-owned, trade-ins, and more.

Do I get the manufacturer’s warranty?
Yep! The car you buy with Autoland comes with a full manufacturer’s warranty.

How do I know the pre-owned vehicles are reliable?
Autoland provides a CARFAX vehicle history report for all pre-owned cars.

Are the dealerships that Autoland uses legit?
Yes! The dealerships must maintain strict guidelines to stay in the Autoland network, and have to provide a great price.

Do I get to approve the deal before it’s final?
Absolutely. You are the master of your new-car destiny.

Are there any fees for using Autoland?
Autoland is free to use. However, once they arrange a deal for you, you’ll be asked to make a small refundable deposit.

Will Autoland sell my existing car?
Actually, yes. They’ll sell your car for you even if you don’t use their service (they’re just cool like that).

I’m lazy. Can someone deliver my new car to me?
Go head and stay in your PJs. Autoland will deliver your new car to your home, office, or to UMe.

*APR = Annual Percentage Rate. Your rate will be based upon an evaluation of your credit worthiness.

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