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Boat Loans

It ain’t easy being the coolest kid in the marina, but buying your own boat is a great place to start! After all, your boat isn’t just something you use for fun: it’s a bonafide, certified, amplified part of your life that makes warm afternoons just a little bit cooler. 

At UMe, we’re totally dedicated to helping you achieve your goal of owning a boat, backed by a finance plan and flexible payment options that are the best fit for you!

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Boat Loans: What You Get With UMe

Here at UMe, we take pride in going above and beyond all expectations, and a boat loan is no exception. We’re here to help you reach your goals, and we do it by offering:

Boat Loan Refinancing

Didn’t get such a great deal the first time around? No worries, we may be able to help!

The thing that makes refinancing with a credit union so amazing is that we’re all about community and being your partner, moreso than the financial gain. There are a ton of great benefits that come from refinancing through UMe Credit Union, like:

  • Lower monthly payments

  • Reduced interest rates

  • Better terms

  • New signers or co-signers

Heads up; refinancing a boat is a little different from refinancing a car, so make sure to contact us to get all your ducks (or emus) in a row before you begin.

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Boat Loan FAQs

What are the average terms for boat loans?

Like other types of recreational vehicles, boat loans generally come with a term length of 10-15 years. At UMe Credit Union, we like to keep it simple. We offer great rates on 12-year loans (144 months) to keep your wallet thick and your suntan rockin’.

How do I apply for pre-qualification on a boat loan?

Getting a recreational loan through UMe Credit Union is easy peasy! Give us a call at (818) 238-2900, or visit our branch to speak with someone face to face. Don’t feel like getting out of your PJs? You can always apply 24/7 online

What are the interest rates for a boat loan?

The answer to this question depends on where you go. When you get a boat loan through UMe Credit Union, you can expect to see 4.25% APR** on RV loans. Rates will depend on your credit score, history, and utilization ratios, too. If you want a really solid number, please  give us a call.

Ready to go out and get sailing? Adventure awaits!

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** APR is Annual Percentage Rate. Loan approval, term and rate are based on a verification of income and an evaluation of your creditworthiness and collateral.

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