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Car loan refinance

If you love your car but want to break up with your car loan, here are four great reasons to refinance with UMe:

  • Lower your monthly payment
  • Lower your interest rate and possibly save hundreds of dollars in the long run
  • Use the equity in your car to pay off high-interest debt
  • Add or remove a signer on an existing loan

Cash out

If you have equity in your car (i.e. your car’s value is greater than your outstanding balance), you can “cash out” by refinancing your car loan. This will give you access to a cost-effective source of money at a low, fixed rate.

Example: If your current car is worth $25,000 according to Retail Kelley Blue Book, but you only owe $20,000 on your existing loan, we will refinance your loan for the $20,000 balance AND fund an additional $5,000.

You can then use the extra cash for anything—from paying off high-rate debt to taking a much-needed vacation. You're the boss!

Rates and terms

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Loan extras

We offer more than just great loans. We also offer low-cost insurance options, loan protection and easy repayment methods:

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