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Balance Transfer

There’s a reason why you’ve never heard the expression, “the best things in life are 16.99% APR.” If you’re looking to transfer a high-rate credit card balance, choose the free option. Choose the UMe Visa® Platinum Credit Card.

That’s right. When you transfer a balance to our Visa, you’ll pay zero fees. Plus, we offer rates as low as 9.90% fixed APR, which means you can start saving stat!

And if you’re into this whole “free” thing, you’ll love some of the other perks of our Visa:

  • Low FIXED rate. One and done. No rate-hike surprises.
  • Zero balance-transfer fees. Move expensive balances from other cards and save.
  • Zero cash-advance fees. Our cash-advance rates are the same as our purchase rates.
  • No annual fee and no application fee. More fabulous free stuff.
  • Low foreign-transaction fees. We only pass through Visa’s low conversion charges.
  • Instant card issue. Stop by our branch, and hold that sweet piece of plastic on the same day.
  • Enhanced security. Use our free mobile app to turn your card on / off.

So what’s next? Just transfer your existing high-rate balance to your UMe Visa (did we mention it’s free?).

Questions? Call us at (818) 238-2900 x1 to speak immediately to a Loan Representative 24 hours a day.

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