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Our staff

It’s no secret: we love credit unions. But our Board of Directors? They’re next level. In fact, they’re so passionate about the credit union philosophy of people helping people, they volunteer their time.

Our Board of Directors is made up of individuals elected by our members. Each director brings a unique set of expertise, skills and experience to the job. With backgrounds spanning accounting, marketing, finance, education and management, our Board represents the sharpest minds in town.

Board of Directors:
Cynthia Faust, Chair
Edward F. Hill, Vice-Chair
David Carletta, Secretary
David Goodlaw, Treasurer
Larry Auzene, Director
Steven A. Falchini, Director
Bonnie Joachim, Director 

The Board of Directors also appoints the members of the Supervisory Committee, whose duty is to monitor business activities and compliance to governmental regulations.

Supervisory Committee:
Jan Hacker, Chair
Bonnie Joachim, Chair
Anna Lee, Member
Dana Morris, Member
Anita Schackmann, Member

And here at the credit union, we’re guided by our fearless leaders…

Executive Team:
Robert Einstein, CEO & President
Anita Hutchinson, CMO & VP Marketing
Kristine Isagulyan, CFO & VP Finance
Judy Sherman, VP Operations

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