Credit Card Calculators

Credit Card Calculators

At UMe Credit Union, we take pride in providing personalized services for all our awesome members – after all, we’re a community… U + Me = UMe! We do our best every single day to help our members get closer to their dreams and financial goals by providing superb resources and calculators that get them one step closer to their financial finish line.

Credit Card Payoff Calculator

UMe’s credit card payoff calculator is a perfect stress-relieving tool when you need answers to pressing financial questions. Not only does our credit card calculator help you identify an ideal payment schedule, it also provides a clear path towards the financial future you want to lead.

Additionally, the credit card payoff calculator can provide great tips for what it will take to meet your repayment goals, as well as speed up or slow down the process entirely. Results can be viewed as a single scenario, or a full data set if you just love equations (like we do: U + Me, for example).

This credit card calculator is most often used when you’re considering debt consolidation, or while planning out your next steps if/when leading to a larger purchase. And yes, there’s a section of the payoff calculator just for large purchase repayment calculations – you’re welcome!

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Cost-of-Debt Calculator

Making decisions about money can be hard. Making decisions about the cost of debt? That can be even harder. But it doesn’t have to be! Save more and panic less with UMe’s cost-of-debt financial calculator, minus the stress or anxiety that comes with the words “debt” and “cost” in the same sentence.

It’s simple: Enter all debt principles and interest rates, then click “calculate” to generate your personalized results. This credit card calculator’s report is where the truly amazing magic happens. Result summaries, payment schedules, payoff times, oh my!

UMe’s cost-of-debt calculator is a great fit if you’re looking to reduce your debts or consolidate payments with a single monthly bill. Three convenient categories, including credit card debt, auto loan debt, and loans or installment plans let you put in your real-life information for authentic, personalized results. Easy peasy for everyone, pinky swear!

What are you waiting for, get started! And, if you need any help – you know where to reach us. We’re here for you!

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