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UMe’s Helpful Tips To Help U Save On Your Streaming Services

6 Easy ways to U can start saving money on your streaming subscriptions today!

First we cut the (cable) cord, now we have so many options… and it’s costing more than cable, yikes! Home entertainment costs used to consist of a single cable bill and maybe some Blockbuster fees. (Those were the days!) Today, the costs can stack up between Disney+, Hulu, Netflix, Apple TV, Amazon Prime Video, Peacock, HBO-Max, Paramount Plus, live TV streaming services, sports channels/apps (NBA League Pass anyone?), and to top it all off — we know some of us still also have cable. It’s complicated to keep track of all these options and costs!

Is it actually doable to save money while keeping up with our favorite binge-worthy shows? Yes! And we, here at UMe, are  happy to share tips on how U can do it!

1. Share and Split

This one is probably the most obvious tip that a lot of people already do. Many entertainment streaming channels like Hulu, Netflix, and Disney+ allow for multiple profiles and watching on multiple devices, so find a friend or two to share the cost of one membership. Set up a profile for each person within the account, so everyone gets recommendations catered based on their favorite programming.

UMe Pro Tip: This “buddy system” works pretty, pretty well for music streaming services too. Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Pandora, Sonos Radio, Amazon Music, and other audio streaming apps have family plans that allow you to share an account, much like the ones we mentioned above.

2. Power up your PC

There are a few cable channels that have smart TV apps you have to pay to access, but they make episodes available for free, if you watch on your computer. If you’re dying to watch a hot new show without subscribing to yet another channel, check and see if you can watch on your laptop for free! (You might have to watch commercials, but if you get the show for free, it’s worth it.)

3. See if you qualify for discounts!

You might be eligible for a discount on streaming services without even realizing it. First the low-hanging fruit… sometimes you can save by paying annually instead of monthly. Next, check for student or senior discounts. Lesser known, but a growing number of employers also offer discounts or even shared services on popular streaming channels — check those employee perks! Don’t forget to research deals through your cell phone service provider too — oftentimes they own partnerships with streaming services and offer free or discounted access to customers! Look toward seasonal sales periods, for example, you might find a deal around Cyber Monday.

4. Your Library Is There For U

We love our Burbank Public Libraries and they offer access to countless films, tv, music, and even audiobooks through their eLibrary! Burbank residents are eligible for a free library card, but did you know that non-residents qualify too? Yes, it’s true!

5. Revisit your plan

Are you paying for more than you need? Check out what you’re actually paying for with each of your monthly subscriptions to make sure you’re not paying for features that go to waste. Take the most popular Netflix plan. It allows you to stream on up to two screens at once. Now, if you’re the only one using your Netflix account, you won’t need that option. Downgrade to the one-screen plan and save while getting the same tier of service you already use.

As a matter of fact, the same can go for your cable services — if you only watch five or six of the 34,149 channels you’re paying for, perhaps you can explore downgrading your plan without missing your can’t-miss TV!

If your favorite show is done for this year, consider temporarily pausing that channel and reinstating it when the show comes back.

6. Check For Charges

A penny saved is a penny earned! It’s definitely worth your time to review charges for any subscriptions you aren’t using. Or try a service like Truebill or Hiatus, which analyzes your transactions to find those elusive recurring subscriptions.

We hope these helpful UMe Tips will help keep U enjoying your favorite shows and films, music and audiobooks – while also keeping your wallet happy and healthy. Remember, if U find yourself in need of any help creating a savings plan, count on us!

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