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New UMe Mobile App & Online Banking

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Attention, UMe-verse!

The new UMe Mobile App and Online Banking system are live and ready for U.

The updated UMe Mobile and Online Banking both feature a clean new design, customizable dashboards, intuitive functionality and consistent look and feel and capabilities across the two systems.

Important things to note:

  • Your username & password remain the same for both UMe Mobile and Online Banking.
  • Please delete the current app and download the new UMe Mobile App to access your accounts.
  • BillPay will continue to work as usual.
  • Alerts must be re-established.
  • Bank-to-Bank transfers must be re-established. Any future transfers that you set up for delivery in the old app will need to be set up again in the new one.
  • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) was enabled on 5/4 for an extra layer of security. The new MFA requires you to enter a 6-digit code that you receive via text or email each time you log in. Currently, the MFA 6-digit code will be delivered to the Primary Accountholder on the account (via text or email). So, Joint Accountholders must get the code from the Primary Accountholder in order to be able to log in. We are working on a solve for that, but it will take some time.
  • We were experiencing connectivity issues with Quicken and Quickbooks when we launched, but it has since been fixed, as of 5/22.
  • The “Pay Loan” button wasn’t operational on the iPhone version of the UMe Mobile App when we launched, but it has since been fixed. If you are having trouble paying a loan on the Mobile App, please update the app to the latest version.
  • Pending ACH Deposits and Withdrawals were not showing in the app or online banking when we launched, but that has been fixed, as of 5/2.
  • When viewing the app on an iPad, it will only appear in vertical position, just like it appears on a mobile phone. There is no horizontal view. If you want a horizontal view on an iPad, you can go back to our homepage (from your phone) and login to online banking from there and that will work in a horizontal view.
  • To enable Face ID: (1) Tap More, (2) Tap App Settings, (3) Toggle “Enable Face ID” to the on position.
  • An updated UMe CardNav was launched on 5/10. Please delete the old UMe CardNav app and download the new versions from the App Store or Google Play Store. Card Controls and Alerts will need to be re-established.

UMe Mobile App:
Download the new UMe Mobile App now:

Apple Store Link Google Play Badge

UMe Online Banking:
For UMe Online Banking access, go to our website homepage and click the LOGIN button on the top right of the screen. Then, enter your username and follow the prompts. Please reach out to us at (818) 238-2900 with any questions, we’re happy to help!

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