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Tap into your home’s equity with a UMe HELOC

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Did you know that your house is basically a huge (well-decorated) piggy bank full of money waiting to be invested? You don’t even need to smash it open to get your hands on all that well-earned equity – so, put down that metaphorical hammer and take a look at our Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC). A UMe HELOC is the best way put some money back into your home with additions and upgrades, or invest in the future with things like college tuition payments.

Basically, if you can dream of a way to make life expenses more valuable in the long run, we can help make it happen with a HELOC! Let’s look at the ways we prove U matter to Me (all of us) at UMe with our unique HELOC options.

  • We have great rates AND a special 2.99% 12-month intro rate
  • No application fee, no points and no prepayment penalties
  • You’ll be working with us, so you know we’ll make it super easy and be there for you every step of the way

Go ahead and think of all the ways you could use your home’s equity, from replacing your roof to adding solar panels on top of it. We can’t get up on the roof of your house and do the work for you (we would if we could!), but we can help you make it happen.

Come by and visit us in-person or apply online. Either way, you don’t need to roll a ton of quarters to make a positive change. Just get in touch with us!