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Three Ways UMe Can Help You Save During the COVID-19 Pandemic (and anytime, really)

At UMe, we’re very much looking forward to a future filled with handshakes and high-fives with our members. Until then, however, we’re committed to helping you navigate your way through these challenging times.

To support our members facing financial hardship as a result of COVID-19, we want to do everything we can to help you save money. Here are three options you may want to consider:


1. Transfer your high rate credit card balance(s) with zero fees

When you transfer your balance to a UMe Visa, you’ll receive:

  • Low, FIXED rate
  • Zero balance transfer fees
  • Zero cash advance fees
  • No annual fee


Learn more about transferring your balance


2. Refinance your car loan (and save each month)

Refinancing your car loan has some cost-cutting benefits:

  • Lower your payment
  • Lower your interest rate
  • Financing up to 125%
  • No payment for 90 days


Read more about auto loan refinancing


3. 2.99% 12-month intro APR* on a Home Equity Line of Credit

If you want to access the equity in your home, here’s how it can help:

  • Borrow up to $250,000
  • Draw up to 10 years
  • No application fees, escrow fees, points, closing costs, or prepayment penalties


See how our HELOC can help


Remember, we’re NOT advocating for more debt. We simply want to provide some options that might help you save money – and only if it helps you save money. After all, we’re helpers, much more than we are bankers. So when it comes to debt, we want it to be in your best interest (pun very much intended).

Looking for help paying your UMe loans? We’re now offering three special loan payment relief options as well.


Contact UMe

Want to talk to a UMe team member? Our call center is open regular UMe business hours:

Mondays – Thursdays / 9am – 5pm
Fridays / 9am – 6pm

Our lobby is open by appointment, Monday – Friday / 9am – 5pm.

To request a lobby visit appointment, please email: lobbyvisit@umecreditunion.com


*APR is Annual Percentage Rate. The Home Equity Line of Credit APR is a variable rate which is based on the Prime Rate. Loan approval and rate are based on a verification of income, an evaluation of your creditworthiness, and property evaluations which include Loan-to-Value (LTV). Your rate will never exceed 18.00% or be less than 4.00% — unless there is an initial discount rate that is offered below 4.00%. If you cancel your loan, third party fees may apply. Costs include a $350 title insurance fee and a non-refundable appraisal fee, paid directly to the designated appraisal company. Property insurance is required. Loan amounts up to $250,000. For additional details, please call the Credit Union at (818) 238-2900. All loans and rates are subject to change. UMe is proud to be an Equal Housing Lender.