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Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls — we’ve got some great news: We have new debit and credit cards for U!

What’s new about our cards? We’re happy to share! Our new debit and credit cards now support contactless payments, which means U can just tap your card and go when making purchases at participating merchants (sliding and inserting is so 2020). We also moved all your card information (name, account number, and security code) to the back of the card for a cleaner look, which also helps centralize all your info and helps keep your card details nice and secure.

Now, let’s talk aesthetics. Our new cards look pretty awesome, if we may say so ourselves. We could easily see our cards (aka our masterpieces) in a museum for all to admire. It’s a card that says “hey, I belong to a really, really cool credit union… and so should U” without actually saying that, you know? If GQ had a “Most Fashionable Card” award, we think we’d totally win. The point is, it’s nice to look at, time and time again. We really hope U like them as much as we do!

The best part of it all is that, as a UMe member, you get access to our new cards and all these features at absolutely no cost to U. We are always looking to better our services — it’s what we do! Want to add our new debit and credit card to your wallet? Make a lobby visit appointment by emailing lobbyvisit@umecreditunion.com – or by giving us a call. We’ll instant issue your card for you the day you come in. (We love instant gratification!) Looking forward to seeing the new UMe card in your hand (or wing, if you happen to be an Emu)!


new UMe card