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U + Me. That’s our not-so-secret sauce. We care about the things that matter to you—family, friends, that comfy old pair of shoes you can’t throw away even though one of them has a hole (no judgment).

As a Burbank institution, we’ve been committed to our community since 1940. And through our long history, we’ve learned that there’s no limit to what we can accomplish together. You’re the peanut butter to our chocolate, the Bert to our Ernie, the Turner to our Hooch!

The relationship between you and me (us) is our first priority. As a financial institution, we love numbers, but we’ll never treat you like one. We’re here to take care of you, because when you prosper, we all prosper (we’re neighbors, after all).

You can always count on us to support your financial needs. Perfect service is our goal, but even when we can’t nail it the first time, we do fix it (we’re thorough like that).

At UMe, we’re not your typical financial institution—and we like it that way. We think you will, too.

Better than a bank

Bragging’s not really our thing—but we do think you’ll love banking here. Unlike big banks, our customers are members, which means you own part of UMe.

“Owning a credit union is cool and all, but what’s in it for me?”

Good question! As a not-for-profit, our earnings directly benefit you. This translates to higher savings rates, better loan rates and lower fees.

Not just any credit union

There are credit unions… and then there’s UMe. We’re experts at what we do, but we’re also big advocates of fun and quirky (because let’s be honest, banking can be a touch dry).

And did we mention we love dogs? Bring Bowser when you visit our branch. We’ll have a snack ready, and treat him like the esteemed dignitary that he is.

We heart tech

We love seeing our members in person. But we know that sometimes you just need to check your balance and get on with life.

Cue our online and mobile banking. Access your UMe accounts any time from your computer or device. Our mobile app lets you send money instantly with Zelle®, deposit checks, pay bills, secure your cards and more—right from your phone or tablet. The future is now!

From desk drawer to destination: our history

Fun fact: our credit union started out of a teacher’s desk drawer.

The year was 1940, and our credit union was chartered by a group of Burbank Unified School District teachers. Our name? Burbank Teachers Federal Credit Union.

Today we have over 16,000 members and occupy a beautiful space on Magnolia Boulevard in the heart of Burbank. A lot has changed since our humble beginnings, but we’re proud to continue a tradition that’s built on real people.

Let’s take this relationship to the next level

Become a member today!

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