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Superman... Batman... Wonder Woman... What does UMe have in common with these superheroes??

...Not a lot. But we love their dedication to their community! While we don’t sport super powers (or excessive spandex), we did start UMe Helps, an initiative that allows our members and the Burbank community at large to give back to local charities and individuals in need.

UMehelps supports local organizations with food and toy drives, pet adoptions and fundraising efforts. It also promotes awareness of programs that could use a little neighborly help. Want to contribute? Visit us on social or check out one of our awesome blog posts for event information.

Here are the 2018 UMehelps initiatives:

Burbank Temporary Aid Center (BTAC) Food Drive
Thank-A-Soldier Care Package Assembly & Community BBQ
Family Promise Dinner Delivery
Burbank Police Foundation Family Fun Day
Burbank Coordinating Council Holiday Gift Basket Assembly & Delivery
Family Promise Holiday Gift Delivery

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